Get ‘Scented candle range’ offer from Sky candle to gift in this Eid

           Get ‘Scented candle range’ offer from Sky candle to gift in this Eid

The whole Islamic community is excited about the coming of this holy Eid festival, and keeping this excitement alive, we releases an exclusive range of scented candles for our dear customers. We are offering them in combination with other products- including lamps, RPC, Buddha oil burners and they are ready for sale at our site starting at Rs 229.

This ‘Eid is a holy festival observed after the ending of the Haujj festival, a form of pilgrimage among Muslims. This is typically observed with public prayers and sharing gifts and food to family members and close relatives and hence we are giving our customers a reason to celebrate this festival with our wide varieties of scented candles. They come as votive candles, pillar candles, jar candles, decorative candles, pillar LED candles, that form a perfect gift on this occasion. They are available in multiple colors and once you light them they spread a feeling of peace, harmony and happiness among people.

Bakr Eid is essentially centered in the concept of showing honor to the great Ibrahim who sacrificed his own son to Allah, a story of unmatched devotion. Muslims everywhere in the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. The whole community of Muslim together come forward to take part in public prayers at a mosque and listen to the sermon. On this day, they wear new clothes and exchange gifts and foods and donate whatever they can to the poorest. The Qurbani or sacrifice festival observe by them as a respect of prophet Ibrahim sacrificing his own son to Allah.

The Hajj or the annual pilgrimage that every Muslim should undertake once in a lifetime is a trip to mecca, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad. At the end of this Haujj, which involves difficult journeys devotees undertake to reach the destination, they celebrate by taking part in communal feast.

Enjoy our special range of scented candles with sky lantern and share them with your close family and friends in this Eid. They will double up the celebration.